Cleaning is a hassle to most of us especially when we work five days a week-- that leaves only the weekends free to clean up our rooms. That’s not all because most of us spend up to hours in this process, only to still leave stubborn stains and dirt around. What if there’s a solution for you to clean up your room easily before you leave for work in just five minutes?


All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to achieve a spotless room. 


Step 1: Make your bed 


First thing’s first-- start your day right by making your bed. All it takes is 30 seconds to fold your blanket, arrange your pillows nicely and adjust your bedsheets. 


If there’s a need-- change into a fresh set of bedding for a fresh start! According to The Sleep Foundation, it is recommended to change your bedsheets once per week.




Step 2: Put dirty bed sheets and clothing into the laundry basket


After you change your bedsheets, it’s time to change out of those pajamas and put them into the laundry basket! 


You do not have to wash those immediately but it is better to separate them into a laundry basket than having your dirty clothes on your bed!


Pro tip: Use our Hanjang Laundry detergent sheets as you’ll no longer need measuring cups. By using just a single sheet, it can help to remove stains rapidly. Hanjang Laundry Detergent Sheet is an ultra-concentrated Eco-friendly paper detergent which is developed to solve the problem of powder or liquid detergent. 


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Step 3: Wipe your windows clean


We are halfway there in achieving a cleaner room! The next step is to clean your windows.  Imagine seeing dirty stains around-- bird droppings are the most common. 

Doesn’t it dampen your mood when the day hasn’t started yet?


Pro tip: Instead of using a regular cloth, use our Flexi Sponge! All it takes is just 5 seconds to wipe your windows-- compared to minutes for a normal sponge. The beauty of flexi sponge also lies in it being highly absorbent, you need not worry about dripping!


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Step 4: Vacuum the floor 



For those of us with sinus or nose allergies, this is a very crucial step you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Vacuuming helps to remove hair, dust and other tiny particles. Doing this daily can help to reduce these allergens instead of piling them up in your room.

Pro tip: Use our Hurricane Cyclone Vacuum that has a flexible swivel head that you can use to clean corners that are hard to reach, like underneath your bed.With its strong vacuum power (600w – 15Kpa suction ability), it makes for a strong and reliable tool that every household should have. Say goodbye to the troublesome way of changing filters or dust bags  – with the cyclonic technology, all you need to do is to dispose of the dirt.  Now, you can easily get rid of those allergens!


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Step 5: Mop the floor 

You must be thinking how is it possible to mop and vacuum your floor within 5 minutes, right? Don’t worry as this step is only required once a week-- similarly to changing your bedsheets.

If mopping the floor is a tedious process, use the Ultimo Airlift Mop which has a side-folding mop plate and extendable handle. This means you can reduce the hassle of cleaning corners, sides and high spaces. With Ultimo Airlift mop’s dirt-trapping technology and TPR, you can enjoy hands-free and fuss-free cleaning. It is also coupled with an easy handle for the pail and anti-slip base for your ease of usage.


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Step 6: Wipe your desk


As the saying goes, our home is our second office. Having a clean desk helps to improve our work efficiency! 


Instead of simply using soap and water, try out our Sparky Kleen set! It can be used as a multi-purpose cleaning agent! You can get rid of stains such as rust, food stains or watermarks in no time. As it is made of natural ingredients, it is non-toxic unlike many cleaning agents. It is gentle to the hands and very safe to use!


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Almost there...


With these simple steps, life will be made so much easier! The extra time you use for cleaning can now be used to watch Netflix shows, spend time with your loved ones or even extra nap time! 


Hope this helped!




Aricia Yee




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