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Gourmet Chef 8 in 1 Multi-Cooker + Free Smart Cutter


Have tons of pots and pans, deep fryers, ovens and steamers at home? Tired of the clutter and want to have more kitchen space? Stop throwing away your money, time and energy and get your 8 in 1 Gourmet Chef today! With 8 different properties (Steam, Boil, Roast, Saute, Deep Fry, Slow Cook, Bake, Fondue), all you’ll really need in your kitchen is Gourmet Chef. It has an extra-large 5L cooking volume, making it great for gatherings and parties. This also means that you can cook multiple things at one time, helping you save time and electricity! 


The 8 in 1 Gourmet Chef also boasts a non-stick surface, so you don’t have to worry about stubborn food stains that just don’t come off, making cleaning super simple and fuss-free. Gourmet Chef also allows you to adjust the temperature and timing of your choice to whip up your favourite dishes. 


Not only that, but you can even use the steam racks provided to reheat your food easily - way healthier than using a microwave, and way easier than reheating over your stovetop! Want to cook rice but want to steam chicken as well? You can do it at the same time using the steam racks, making cooking so much more convenient. 


Capacity: 5L 

Power: 1500W 

Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50 Hz 
Product Dimension: 32cm x 18cm

Box Dimension: 395mm x 285mm x 360mm


To wash, simply lift the pot off the power base, and scrub it gently with a sponge and detergent before rinsing off with water. Avoid using metal scrubbers or scourers to prolong the durability of the pot. Ensure that the bottom of the pot (with the 3 metal pins)  is dry before using again.   




Smart Cutter 


Never experience kitchen mishaps or cuts again with Smart Cutter. It doubles up as a knife and cutting board in one, chopping and slicing food in mere seconds. Super safe without making a mess, it’s great for cutting, slicing and chopping veggies, fruits, and many more! Spring loaded soft grip handle allows for a comfortable grip, and it even has a locking feature for safe storage, so you can rest assured and use the Smart Cutter with ease!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can this cooker last?

This depends on the frequency of usage, but we estimate a good 3 years or more, but this also depends on how well it is taken care of. 


What is the maximum time and temperature?

Maximum time: 120 mins (2 hours)

Maximum temperature: 240°C 


How to wash/clean?

Cleaning the heating pot 

To wash, simply lift the pot off the power base, and scrub it gently with a sponge and detergent before rinsing off with water. Avoid using metal scrubbers or scourers to prolong the durability of the pot. Ensure that the bottom of the pot (with the 3 metal pins)  is dry before using again. 

Cleaning the power base 

Before cleaning, unplug the power base unit from the main power supply. Do not immerse the power base in water or liquid. Clean the power base with a soft, dry cloth, and ensure not to use abrasive cleaning detergents or scourers.

 IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If the power base is wet, dry it off with a cloth thoroughly before usage.


What functions are there?

Steam, Boil, Stir Fry, Deep Fry, Roast, Grill,Bake, Fondue.


What do the red and green light indicate?

The Power Light turns red when the unit is powered on. The Temperature Light turns green when the desired temperature is not reached, and turns off when the temperature is reached. 


How do I use it to reheat food? 

Fill the pot up with a little bit of water, then place the low steam rack into the pot. Set whatever food you would like to reheat on the low steam rack and cover the pot with the lid. Set time and temperature accordingly. 10 minutes or lesser should be sufficient for most food, but it varies depending on what food. 


Material of the pot?

Ceramic. Material is also non-stick and PFOA-free. 


Is it scratch-proof/ Can I use metal spatulas on this? 

It is not scratch proof, but can withstand scratches quite well. Even when some of the material has been scratched off, food is still safe for consumption and the non-stick property is still maintained quite well. To prolong the life of the pot and its durability, avoid using metal spatulas / cooking utensils while cooking. (in our DFJ show, we used a fork to scratch to show that it can withstand scratches rather well, but it is still recommended not to use metal utensils if you want the pot to last long)


When do I use the low rack / high rack ? 

You may use the low racks for reheating food, steaming, for roasting and baking. High racks are more for steaming food, especially if you want to cook two separate items at one time.  


How do I use it to bake?

It is highly recommended to use the low rack for baking. Simply place the low rack into the heating pot and place your oven safe pans and dishes, or even your ingredients itself on the low rack. In the case where you wish to bake directly on the heating pot, do cover the pot well with a layer of aluminium foil. Do note that this means the food is almost in direct heat contact with the pot, and thus might burn more easily due to the high temperature. It is important to check the food constantly to prevent it from burning. 


How do I use it to deep fry?

- Fill oil up to the  Max-Fill line indicated on the cooking pot, turn on the temperature dial to 180°C and switch the power on. 

- Place ingredients inside the assembled Deep Frying Basket and rest it on the side of the heating bowl, using the hook under the handle

- When the heat light turns off, unhook and carefully lower the basket into the oil. After finishing cooking, rest the basket on the side of the cooking pot to allow oil to drip back into it. 

- When all the oil has cooled down, use the pouring lip side of the cooking pot to empty it out.


How much water should I use when I use it to boil/steam?

Pour two cups of water into the cooking pot and ensure you do not exceed the Max Fill line. 


While cooking, will the external pot emit heat?

While cooking, both the cooking pot and glass lid will be hot. Do take precaution when handling. 



What colour is Gourmet Chef available in?

It is available in white only. 


Can I purchase an extra inner pot?

We currently do not sell the inner cooking pot on its own. 



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