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HOUZE Ottoman

A house is not a home unless it’s messy - does it sound familiar? It’s obviously an excuse! But having those transparent containers at home serves as an eyesore yet taking up precious floor space as nothing can be stacked on top of it for a functional purpose. Ever explored other options other than stuffing up your store room?


Think Ottoman! The practical storage box that looks like a stool, can be used as a stool, and it’s more comfortable than a stool! These stylish seats are multi-function, they’re the right height for a footrest, coffee table and so much more. Unlike other ottomans which are wrapped with faux leather, HOUZE Ottoman is covered in burlap fabric for usage longevity that can withstand daily unintentional scratches and bumps, it will look like new even down the memory lane. Zipless base design for longer lifespan without any worries of zipper getting out of track. The cushioning on the seat is comfortable and generously padded with a high resiliency spong. With a carrying capacity of 100kg, it is built to overcome hardships. Post gathering? Simply fold it back flat and store it under the sofa or any tight fitting spaces away from sight. With it’s practical storage possibilities and functional seating purpose, It’s a space saver and stylish seat in one! 



HOUZE Fabrics Laundry Bag

Trendy laundry essential. Keep the laundry woes at bay with HOUZE Fabrics Laundry Bag. These simple yet stylish hampers are made of a polyester-cotton mix that spells durability. These are foldable for easy storage and stitched with handles for convenient carrying. These bags are waterproof and moisture-resistant so you can just dump in any wet clothes without any worry of your floor getting soaking wet! You can also use this to hold and store other stuff like books, toys and more!




Product Specification

Made in China



HOUZE Ottoman Rectangle: 76cm (Length) x 38cm (Width) x 38cm (Height)

HOUZE Ottoman Square: 37cm (Length) x 37cm (Width) x 37cm (Height)

HOUZE Fabrics: 40cm (Diameter) x 50cm (Height)



HOUZE Ottoman Rectangle: 4.2kg

HOUZE Ottoman Square: 2.15kg

HOUZE Fabric laundry Bag:  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the available colour?

Khaki, Beige and Green.



Can I mix colour for the rectangle and square ottoman?

No. There is only one color per bundle.


Can I choose the design of the Fabric Laundry Bag?

No. The design will be given away in random design.


What is the material of the Ottoman?

The wrap fabric is made from Burlap. It's coarseness to the fact that it is made of the skin of the jute plant. Jute one of the strongest natural materials. The fibers of a jute plant have a high cellulose content and a high lignin content. It’s designed to withstand accidental scratches and abrasions. Please do not scratch the fabric on purpose.


Why is there a smell on the fabric?

Burlap is a natural material made out of jute. It's only normal for it to have a natural scent to it. The simplest way and the first thing you should try is airing it out with some fresh air.


Is Ottoman machine washable?

Not machine washable


How do I clean the Ottoman?

Simply wipe it clean. Since burlap is a rough material, take a towel or rag (something that has weight to it). Dampen your towel/rag with water and add a little bit of soap or detergent and rub the surface clean.



Will I feel uncomfortable sitting for a long hour on Ottoman?  

The high resiliency sponge seat padding doesn’t distort to another shape after prolonged sitting and it is breathable so it won’t be hot with prolonged sitting on it.


Can it really withstand 100kg?

The structural integrity of the ottoman can withstand up to 100kg static weight but not with rapid or intense movements. Always allow a proper balance when seated on the ottoman for your own safety.



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